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SPECIAL EXTENDED DAY + PICNIC: Eden Energy Camp featuring Yoga Nidra (sleep yoga) + essential oils / Laura Savita Jachim

  • 1319 Saint Johns Avenue Highland Park, IL, 60035 United States (map)

Garden of Eden Energy Camp
Yoga Nidra (sleep yoga) + essential oils with Laura Savita Jachim

Yoga Nidra is a state of deep, effortless, relaxation while maintaining full consciousness. As you stretch out comfortably on a blanket, towel, or directly on the earth, Laura Savita will guide the yoga nidra process, leading to a state of lucid dreaming, self discovery, and stress reduction. Please bring something to lie on and, if you wish, a pillow and a journal.

Special extended day: Please stay for a: Post Yoga-Nidra Picnic

Savita will show us how to use essential oils in new and powerful ways. Learn how to enhance your food and environment, and replace over-the-counter remedies with natural ones.

Savita is a Kripalu trained Holistic Lifestyle Advocate and Educator and a Wellness Coach certified by the International Association of Wellness Professionals. Savita helps women calm inner chaos so inner truth and clarity can be revealed. Slowing down and becoming present to what is allows the body to realign and transform from the inside out. Savita provides support on your journey of revealing who you are meant to be, body, mind and soul. Her website is